Independent Women: Caroline Gammell

Caroline Gammell, Assistant Editor

In a collection of interviews to mark International Women’s Day 2022, we shine a light on some of the brilliant women at the heart of The Independent. 

This conversation is with Caroline Gammell, who talks about her road to becoming The Independent’s Assistant Editor, the people who have helped her and what needs to come next for newsrooms.


Describe your job

I am responsible for the day to day running of the UK newsroom, working alongside Editor David Marley ensuring that we have excellent live and breaking news combined with dynamic exclusive stories and investigations.

How did you get into your profession?

I did work at my local newspaper and joined my university’s newspaper. I also sent numerous letters to national papers and gleaned a few weeks of work experience. After university, I studied at the Cardiff School of Journalism and got onto the Press Association’s graduate trainee scheme.

Who and what has helped you break the bias?

Teilo Colley, my boss at PA, was a true mentor and guide. He did not distinguish between men and women and never hesitated about sending me to places such as Afghanistan. I have been lucky enough to work with people who see that the story comes first and then the reporter.

Which women do you admire?

There are some big beasts out there such as Kate Adie, Christina Lamb and Marie Colvin who have risked (and lost) it all to report from some truly dangerous situations. Closer to home, the women in my life – my sister, mother and friends – have shown me what strength looks like.

What are your hopes for the future in terms of breaking the bias?

I would like to see a newsroom that is more diverse. There are lots of women at The Independent doing fantastic work and I would like to see a wider range of communities represented in our workforce. I’m excited about the new initiatives we are bringing in. As a mother of four young children, I am keen to champion flexible working and an understanding that sometimes family comes first.

What one bit of career advice would you give to others?

Do something you are passionate about – if you inherently love it, you will do well. Have fun. Just remember the world of journalism is a small one – you will meet people again so be kind.

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