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The Independent has been at the front line of journalism since 1986, with its purpose to challenge and debate way ahead of its time.


In today’s increasingly fragmented world, communities value real facts and frank opinions delivered first-hand from a non-biased news brand that they can trust. Armed with information and inspiration, Independent readers are empowered and equipped to take a stand for the things they believe in.


As The Independent’s MD, Christian Broughton, says: “The Independent is about more than just news – it’s a value system. Our time is now.”


The first of the quality news brands to embrace a digital-only future in 2016, The Independent is a dynamic, brand-safe environment for advertisers to reach a huge, loyal audience.

UK browsers 34 Million
Global browsers 83 Million
Publishing from 12 Countries

(Source: Adobe Analytics September 2021 © Ipsos MORI, Ipsos iris, September 2021, 15+, custom entity list: [WG] The Independent, [WG] The Guardian, [WG] The Telegraph, [WG] Times and Sunday Times)

Why Independent Advertising?

Advertising with us is campaigning with us. Our editorial inspires people to act, and we attract readers who are active, engaged and ready to listen to the brands that we work with.

62% of our readers believe that big change can be achieved when people come together: more than any other news brand.

source: Ipsos MORI, The Independent sample 1,000, UK. July-Aug 2021

Independence and intelligence are at the heart of everything we do – which means that readers and brands can trust The Independent.

Advertisers know that with Independent Advertising, they can expect results-driven, creative, brand-safe campaigns, which benefit from an unparalleled understanding of audiences, a best-in-class suite of tools, and leading communication expertise.

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