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Intelligence sits at the heart of The Independent 

The Independent is the largest quality digital news brand in the UK and a top 10 digital news brand in the US. It reaches a well-educated, well-informed and well-intentioned readership who lead metropolitan lifestyles in a globally-connected world. They enjoy a broad range of interests from tech to travel, football to theatre and business to music.

As the first news brand to serve its audience entirely online, we have a unique level of understanding of the content that wins their time and attention. We enhance our rich bank of first-party data by collaborating with sophisticated data partners and by commissioning or acquiring complementary data sets of syndicated or proprietary survey-based information.  We know our readers well and are skilled in sharing that knowledge with our commercial partners to drive your communications effectiveness.

Insight Bank

Contact to access our full Insight Bank.

Audience Planner

We are committed to providing effective and responsible ways to target our readers.

We provide three key targeting platforms:

  1. Audience Selector. First-party Independent audience segments.
  2. Audience Builder. Bespoke cohort creation to each client’s specific needs.
  3. Audience Matcher. By onboarding client first-party data we can ensure we are targeting past/present client-specific consumers while they are on our site.


Zoom in or scale up: we incorporate cutting-edge technology to drive additional scale or to fine-tune the accuracy of our targeting.  

Campaign Desk

Independent Advertising has an industry-leading suite of tools at its disposal to create impactful campaigns that both resonate with readers and are up-to-the-minute relevant with current events and topics.


From measuring brand uplift, to analysing readers with surveys, our tools can be used to create more effective campaign strategy and engagement with brands that readers will remember.


Please note that certain aspects of targeting and insights will initially be available in the UK only. 

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