Independent Women: Nadine White

Nadine White, Race Correspondent

In a collection of interviews to mark International Women’s Day 2022, we shine a light on some of the brilliant women at the heart of The Independent. 

This conversation is with Nadine White, The Independent’s Race Correspondent.


Describe your job

I am responsible for writing stories that highlight perspectives from within Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

How did you get into your profession?

I talked myself into an unpaid internship at a local radio station and began writing Black lifestyle and entertainment content for free community and online publications around the same time. Though my journalistic genesis was in broadcast, I always knew I wanted to write for a living and somehow amplify the unsung perspectives of those around me. Doing this, and being of service in this way, is the only thing that’s ever given me true fulfilment.

Who and what has helped you break the bias?

Staying true to my authentic self while existing within an industry which is predominantly white and middle class.

Which women do you admire?

Women who are disruptors to the core, who exemplify innovation, tenacity, beauty, majesty and defiance. I won’t say they’re ‘strong’ because there’s even beauty in vulnerability sometimes. Women such as my mother, aunties and grandmother. The likes of Nanny of the Maroons, Queen Nzinga, Maya Angelou, Claudia Jones, Olive Morris and Louise Bennett (“Miss Lou”), Serlina Boyd, Tobi Oredein, Lady Phyll and Diane Abbott.

What are your hopes for the future in terms of breaking the bias?

A media industry where perspectives from Black, Asian, working class and neurodiverse communities are regularly reflected in the news agenda.

What one bit of career advice would you give to others?

Always remember the reason why you entered your field and cherish it. That will likely help to propel you through the trying times and keep you grounded and real.

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