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In today’s issue, we look back at the first week of Black History Month. We’ve been busy here at The Independent: find out more below!

Action, not words

The Independent announced a series of initiatives to coincide with Black History Month UK this October, celebrating the accomplishments of Black Britons and supporting individuals and organisations dedicated to achieving lasting change.

The theme for this year’s Black History Month is ‘time for change: action, not words’ and so The Independent will be amplifying the voices of changemakers whilst shining a light on the work that still needs to be done.

As part of our commitment, The Independent is providing six Black organisations with free advertising throughout the month. These partners are  Black Lives in Music, UK Black Comms Network, Black Business Network, Black Equity Organisation, Black Pound Day and Mission 44.

See here for the full press release and here for The Independent’s roundup of the month ahead.

Editorial reports and perspectives

In editorial, The Independent’s Nadine White, the UK’s first dedicated Race Correspondent and Black Talent Awards winner, will lead and commission features focused on education, politics and the Black press in Britain. Meanwhile, The Independent’s Voices section is marking Black History Month with a series of pieces highlighting Black experiences and perspectives.

Nadine has started the month with powerful articles on the racial pay gap and how Black Lives Matter UK is to give £350,000 to Black groups after a donation upsurge.

In just this first week of Black History Month, Voices has already hosted insights from Danny Welbeck and what Black History Month means to him, Kéllé Bryan on Black roles in TV, Judi Love on Black history being made every day and Diane Abbott on how the Labour Party is taking Black people for granted.

We are looking forward to much more to come!

And remember, you can sign up to Nadine White’s fortnightly Race Report, the only newsletter from a national publication in Britain that’s dedicated to race.

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