The Independent is, once again, Britain’s biggest quality digital news brand!

The Independent has once again been named Britain’s biggest quality news brand. Having originally seized the title in June 2021, the latest figures from Ipsos IRIS figures (July 2022) have placed The Independent on top with a seismic 21.9 million monthly unique visitors. (*The Guardian, The Independent, Evening Standard, The Times and Sunday Times and The Telegraph.)

The Independent also saw some of the highest year-on-year growth, with visitors up 8% on July 2021.

The latest figures also demonstrated the continuing growth and success of The Independent in the pureplay market, with the publication continuing to reach more than twice as many consumers as all other pureplays combined. (*Buzzfeed, The Independent, HuffPost, Vice, Mashable, Vox Media, Newsthump, Quartz.)

Our thanks go to all of those across the business who have made this happen, and all of those brands and businesses that work and advertise with us. Here’s to our continued success.

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