IDNML gender pay gap 2023

IDNML remains committed to prioritising gender representation along with all areas of
diversity, equity and inclusion. This is important for a news publisher known for celebrating
and campaigning on equality issues over many decades.

Since we started reporting on gender pay, we have seen more women join the business, and the data now shows a 50:50 female-male split. We have encouraged the development of women’s careers, as is reflected in the movement of women into more senior roles. We are also aware that there is still progress to be made, and that the data shown in this presentation is a snapshot of where we were a year ago, in April 2023, in our UK business only – our US operation, where women on average earn more than men, is not included.

This week we can confirm new meaningful measures that will take our progress further. We look forward to more success in the years ahead, driving long-term change.

Christian Broughton

Chief Executive Officer, IDNML

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