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Earth Day Inspo!

Here at The Independent, we see the value of actions both big and small that #InvestInOurPlanet. In the spirit of inspiring and encouraging others, we wanted to see what our people had to say when it came to environmentalism. We asked people at The Independent to share with us ways in which they have made commitments – big or small – to be more conscious of our planet.

This wonderful cross section of voices from across The Independent’s locations highlights tips that include plant based food options, avoiding fast fashion and how the youth of today have inspired them to make change happen.

Emma Elford, Commercial Content Director: “I’m pledging to run 100k in May. I love running and I love being outdoors, connecting to nature. I’m hoping it will inspire me on to bigger and better things. When you experience that connection with the natural world, you realise how important it is to cherish and protect it.”

Sofia Zermoglio, Journalist / Writer: “When I was young, I founded a ‘club’ with a friend to raise awareness about the damage we humans do to the planet. Since becoming a mother, I have lived a more sustainable lifestyle with my family. I plant, compost, recycle, cook healthy and shop sustainably. I educate my family and myself on how to better care for our earth. We try to generate less waste and find easy ways to go green every day.”

Niamh Meehan, Senior CRM Executive: “I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint by eating more local and seasonal ingredients, meal planning in order to waste less food, and being vegan at least a few days a week.”

Rob Ramsey, Head of TV, Ignite: “To avoid using all pesticides/ chemicals in my garden. Get my kids to switch the lights off!”

Elene Birch, Sales Director: “Start composting and also volunteer with a local group who helps my neighborhood compost.”

Saphora Smith, Climate Correspondent: “This Earth Day, I’m pledging to cycle or walk as many journeys as possible”

Leah Corselli, VP, US West: “At home, we compost, have a vegetable garden, and even have a few beehives. Outside the home, I’ve started donating / consigning pieces from my wardrobe and try to buy “gently loved” fashion. So many companies offer easy ways to consume fashion sustainably and some even calculate your offset contribution for you!”

Ashley Wood, Trade Marketing Manager: “Having a friend who runs a vegan baking empire (Tom @projectveganbaking on Instagram) has shown me how delicious and accessible plant-based food can be and so I have pledged to make more plant based choices in my diet whether that is home cooked meals or even fast food options after a night out. The likes of McDonalds and Burger King now offering great choices and Temple of Seitan in Camden – try the Biscoff milkshake… absolute heaven.”

Alex Mendoza, Media Producer For The Independent en Español: “The future of our environment, economy, and health lies with our political leaders. And so, I pledge to educate myself, to vote, and to recruit friends and family to do the same.”

Sara Recalcati, Head of Affiliates & Ecommerce: “I stopped eating meat a few years ago, opting for yummy plant-based alternatives. I use old corduroy bags to carry my grocery shopping back home, and I’m mindful to buy produce with no plastic packaging when possible. I enjoy coffee, but I only buy recyclable and biodegradable coffee pods. “

Louise Boyle, Senior Climate Correspondent: “My Earth Day pledge is the same as one that I’ve been trying to stick to for a while now and is broadly: don’t buy junk, don’t buy fast fashion, avoid single-use.”

Anthony Madigan, Digital Account Manager: “This Earth Day, I am pledging to continue reducing my single use plastics usage by using plastic alternatives such as reusable bottles, bags and as many everyday plastic-free products. If we all chose to swap one single use item then we can all make a difference. I also pledge to use less fast fashion brands and look at more sustainable ways to buy clothing as well as making more of a conscious effort to donate unused clothes and household items.”

Sachi Bid, Marketing Manager, US: “To stop buying plastic water bottles and using straws! My Earth Day pledge is to make a more conscious effort of using and carry around my reusable water bottle and straws, even when traveling.”

Denny Alfonso, Journalist: “Educar en español a la audiencia hispana sobre la importancia del reciclaje; y así mismo practicar en casa la separación de plásticos y cartón.”

Kylie Hamilton-Hill, Director, Special Projects: “This year’s Earth Day pledge was inspired by my 5-year-old son. He’s a pint-sized environmentalist and is bothered by the litter in the woods by our home. On Earth Day, my son and I will be picking up that trash and recycling it.”

Alexandra Tirado Oropeza, Editor – The Independent en Español: “The pledge I have made this year is to eat less meat. I have tried to go vegan in the past and have failed, but I find that making the effort to at least eat meat-free 70-80% of the time is more manageable for me and I feel like I can slowly make my way to eat less and less meat at time goes by.”

David Lees, Digital Sales Manager: “Actively eat less meat, replacing with new plant-based alternatives where possible.”

Cody Colleran, Sales Director: “Always bring reusable bags when shopping… which is a lot!”

Kelsey Chapman, Shopping Writer: “As the shopping writer at Indy100 Wishlist, I am committed to featuring more roundups that feature sustainable brands in every facet of our buying habits from home goods and cleaning supplies to eco-conscious clothing brands. We owe it to our home planet to use our dollars wisely, so keep an eye out for even more conscientious products and retailers on Wishlist.”

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