Independent TV releases first programming from US studios

Independent TV has launched its first programming from its US studios. The latest episode of Behind The Headlines is the first release from the New York based studio headed by The Independent’s Tom Richell.

Behind The Headlines is Independent TV’s in-depth analysis show, where correspondents draw on their own expertise and experience to further bring to life some of the most important topics of today.

The series hears from The Independent’s experts and correspondents from the UK and the US as well as its teams located around the globe.

A rolling series, there are currently 13 episode of Behind the Headline available that can be viewed on both Independent TV and The Independent’s YouTube channel.

Tom Richell, Head of Multimedia, and based in New York City, says: “It’s fantastic to publish Independent TV’s first episode of Behind The Headlines from the US.

In this fascinating episode, White House Correspondent Andrew Feinberg explores the reality of what a second Trump term could look like for America, and the rest of the world.

It’s crucial viewing as Americans head for the polls later this year.

We filmed this episode in our studio at The Independent’s US HQ in New York City, which is going to be a hub of activity this year as we ramp up US video production.”

Watch the most recent episode featuring Andrew Feinberg here on Independent TV.

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