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Today we are celebrating nominations for both The Independent itself and for our very own Nadine White. We are sharing a new Brand Blast with you all and looking back at the Women’s Euros.

The Independent is a Media Week Awards finalist!

The Media Week Awards has announced its shortlist for 2022, with The Independent featured in the Media Brand of the Year category. We’re over the moon to be recognised as one of the UK’s top media brands, after our best year yet.

Beth Gordon, The Independent’s Trade Marketing Director says: “To be a Media Brand of the Year finalist is fantastic. It’s a huge honour to be nominated for one of the most coveted gongs of the night, especially when there are only four brands which have been shortlisted. We thank the Media Week Awards judges for recognising our work, wish everyone the very best of luck and are so grateful to all the incredible people who have helped The Independent make change happen.”

The winner will be announced in London on 20 October. For more information, visit here.

Nadine gets a nod at the Black Talent Awards

The Independent is delighted to announce that Nadine White, Race Correspondent, has been shortlisted for the Black Talent Awards 2022. The prestigious awards highlight and champion Black talent across a range of industries and sectors, showcasing role models and emerging talent in their fields.

Nadine is one of three finalists in the Marketing, Media, and Creative category and is also the only journalist to be featured across the entire awards, highlighting the cutting-edge role she continues to play in the industry. Read more on the story here.

Winners will be announced on 29 September. See here for the full shortlist.

Independent readers supporting England’s Women at the Euros!

In the aftermath of England’s Euro win, The Independent ran a survey of 500 adults from Great Britain. We found that The Independent readers were far more likely than non-Independent readers to have watched the final and also got behind teams in other games in the tournament. 

Source: OnePules/The Independent, base: 500 Adults aged 16+ – 7 Aug 2022

Prior to the final, as excitement grew, we carried out another study among 500 women (16+). Here we found that 77% of female Independent readers said that they planned to watch the finals of the Euros over the weekend, compared to 50% of women overall. Furthermore, 64% of Independent readers said that they had already watched other games in the tournament compared to only 39% of women overall.

Source: OnePules/The Independent 500 Women aged 16+ – 28 July 2022

Here at The Independent, we are proud to support equality in sport and know that our readers feel the same. Keep up with our women’s football content here.

A new Brand Blast from The Independent

The Brand Blast from Independent Advertising is a perfectly packaged, simple to buy and easy to execute mini campaign designed to be a short, powerful burst of activity. Positioned to complement short term tactical requirements, the Brand Blast combines high impact display to drive awareness and engagement, underpinned by a branded feature to drive consideration and purchase.


  • 24-hour homepage takeover on the day of launch, with circa 160,000 page impressions
  • Guaranteed minimum 7,500 advertorial page views, served out until completion with a featured roadblock across all devices with clients creative
  • Brand feature signposted from the sponsored tile on the homepage
  • 250,000 co-branded traffic drivers (MPU, Mobile Banner, Leaderboard, Double MPU and Billboard) and native sponsored containers on the homepage and Apple News
  • Dedicated project manager.


To find out more, please contact your Independent rep or email

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