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The Independent and Zarach are delighted to announce that, thanks to your help, we have reached our appeal target to provide 500 disadvantaged children with their own beds to sleep in by Christmas Day.

After a staggering response from readers and donors, we have helped raise £90,000 in less than two weeks to improve the lives of impoverished youngsters who have, until now, been forced to sleep on the floor or share a bed with family members. Shockingly, almost 900,000 children in the UK do not have a proper bed — a number which has doubled in just six years.

The shocking campaign touched a raw nerve, with the Dean of St Paul’s intervening to talk about the tragedy of children suffering at a time when they should all have a “crib for a bed”.

Due to the generosity of readers and donors, 500 bundles — including a bed, a mattress, bed linen, a hygiene pack, pyjamas, a book and a £30 supermarket voucher for Christmas food — will be delivered to children in the next few days.

But this gift is not just for Christmas: it’s life changing. By providing them with a good night’s sleep, 500 children will now have their health and wellbeing immeasurably improved, and get the opportunity to learn and succeed at school. The hugest thank you to everyone who has helped give these children a chance to thrive.

To read more — and to help buy even more beds — visit The Independent.

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