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Today we reflect back on a magical weekend, marching in the Pride in London parade.

The Independent is proud to be the official news partner of Pride in London – and was honoured to spend the day at its annual parade on Saturday. It marks 51 years since the first march for LGBT+ rights in the capital, in 1972.

Winding through the streets of London, The Independent team came together with friends and partners to march in celebration and in protest. This year’s theme for Pride in London is Never March Alone, which aims to support trans and non-binary people in the face of growing hostility.

Geordie Greig, editor-in-chief of The Independent remarked: “It was a pleasure and a privilege for The Independent to be the sponsor of Pride and for our staff and friends to march through London to celebrate diversity and to remind the wider world that tolerance and acceptance of how people love each other must be foremost in everyone’s mind and also how we must guard against prejudice and bigotry.”

We’d like to thank everyone who made the day so special, to all at Pride in London and to the fantastic crowd of more than 1m people!

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Photos by Amy Smirk.

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