It’s official: The Independent is the fastest growing UK news brand in the US

Comscore has published official data for February, which shows that The Independent is the fastest growing UK news brand in the US.

Month-on-month, The Independent has grown by a huge 22%. Furthermore, it is the only UK news brand to increase year-on-year in the US (+23%).

In February, The Independent attracted an audience of 32.9m people in the US, who were particularly drawn to its coverage of topics including the election race, the Trump campaign train, the Super Bowl – including Rihanna’s pregnancy reveal, the Chinese spy balloon and the Alex Murdaugh news.

Additional achievements:

  • The Independent was the only news brand to grow YoY among the top ten news titles
  • It is now seventh largest news title in the US, overtaking the LA Times
  • The Independent at 32.9m (+23% YoY) remains the second largest pureplay, gaining significant ground on first placed Buzzfeed 35.6m (-43% YoY).


Launched in 1986 in the UK, The Independent now publishes from 12 countries and in six languages and is a truly global news organisation. It is the largest quality digital news brand in the UK.

Blair Tapper, The Independent’s Senior VP US says: “We’re thrilled that US readers continue to come to The Independent in droves, attracted by the integrity, inclusion, innovation and independence which runs through all our journalism.”


Source: Comscore, Feb 2023

Top news brands set:  NY Times, NYPost, USAToday, Washingtonpost, DailyMail, Guardian, Independent, SFGate, LATimes, Express

UK news brands in US: DailyMail, Guardian, Independent, Express, Mirror, Sun, Times, Telegraph, Metro, Standard

Pureplays: Buzzfeed, Independent, Huffpost, Vox, QZ Mashable, BuzzFeedNews, Vice

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