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The Independent’s readers are passionate about a wide range of topics and interests. To achieve accurate and successful targeting, specific audience segments are readily available to advertisers. With nine packs made up of more than 600+ cohorts, there is an Independent audience to cater for every advertiser – consisting of contextual placement, relevant insight and audience scale.

The Consumer Pack

These people always do their homework on any kind of purchase; looking beyond the ratings to gather intelligent opinions from trusted sources


The Sports Pack

Watching or participating, or a bit of both; these are sports fans who know their stuff.  They’re always ready for any conversation – the post-match analysis, the best kit for their chosen sport or knowing the right food and drink to help them perform at the top of their game.

The Travel Pack

Whether for short UK breaks or long-haul adventures, these are people who know how to make the most of their free time – putting the legwork in to discover new destinations, the best things to do on location and the right ways to get there.

The Culture Pack

Seeking out the best in arts, culture and entertainment, these individuals have know-how about the highbrow. From all around the world, to the other side of town, they’ll track it down.

The Business Pack

Professionals who feast on business news, finance, tech and politics. They range from blue chip leaders to small businesses looking to hire, and job seekers on the hunt.

The Finance Pack

You know that person you go to for advice on personal finance? These are readers who keep on top of all things money; whether that’s investing, looking for a loan, moving house or delving into cryptocurrency.

The Family Pack

Modern families who want a bit more out of their time together, from days out and holidays to remember, to family recipes and IndyBest-recommended kids’ toys and books.

The Entertainment Pack

Readers who love the vibrant world of entertainment – going out or staying in. For some it’s restaurant reviews, for others it’s the latest TV and streamed content; all delivered by the Independent’s trusted experts.

The Health Pack

The idea of wellness has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years and this audience loves to hear about the latest fitness regimes, IndyBest reviews of CBD and organic products, mindfulness how-tos and relationship advice.

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