Independent Earth Day Round-up

Each year, 22 April marks Earth Day and the theme this year is #InvestInOurPlanet. Since its launch 35 years ago, The Independent has been boldly committed, all year round, to the hard hitting and honest reporting of the environment, sustainability and the climate crisis. This year is no exception and in this Earth Day round-up we are spotlighting our up-to-date climate editorial, sharing ways that Independent People are making everyday environmental changes and highlighting work we have done with charities in both the UK and US.

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Climate Newsletter

Independent Climate Editorial

Climate is of critical importance to The Independent – and has been since the news brand’s inception.

Our editorial is the heart of what we do and throughout its existence, The Independent has remained an important voice in the climate space. Whether it’s holding governments to account on pledges made at Cop26, looking at the environmental impact of the war in Ukraine, our campaign against funding fossil fuel companies or scrutinising innovative climate solutions, our aim is to inform and encourage personal, collective and global action. 

We hope to inspire and encourage our readers to make a difference whilst we still can. With that in mind, we have curated a list of some of our most poignant climate articles in the hopes to do just that.

Independent People's Climate Pledges

In the spirit of inspiring and encouraging others, we also wanted to see what our people had to say when it came to environmentalism. We asked people at The Independent to share with us ways in which they have made commitments – big or small – to being more conscious of our planet.

This wonderful cross section of voices from across The Independent’s locations highlights tips that include plant based food options, avoiding fast fashion and how the youth of today have inspired them to make change happen.

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Earth Day Partners

As part of The Independent’s mission to Make change happen we have dedicated ourselves to lending our voice to people doing good in the world that deserve and need to be heard. For Earth Day, that has involved partnering with The Heart of England Forest in the UK and Harlem Grown in the US.

Our partnership with The Heart of England Forest has involved a tree gifting campaign to 200 clients of The Independent. Independent Climate Correspondent Saphora Smith speaks about The Heart of England Forest in an important piece around the fragility of England’s forests and we have gifted the charity a homepage takeover of The Independent on Earth Day itself.

In the US, our partnership with Harlem Grown shines a light on the impactful work the organisation does to empower the youth and create sustainable communities. The Independent team will be volunteering at the farm to support Harlem Grown’s mission whilst using our editorial platform and voice to amplify their important message for Earth Day and beyond.

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