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Today, we invite you to watch ‘The Body in the Woods’ on Independent TV. In this gravely important documentary, International Correspondent Bel Trew investigates Ukraine’s unprecedented search for its missing and dead in the middle of Europe’s bloodiest war in generations.

Watch now: Bel Trew’s documentary 'The Body in the Woods' on Independent TV.

Independent TV has released a new feature-length documentary from The Independent’s international correspondent Bel Trew – ‘The Body in the Woods’. The piece delves into Ukraine’s unprecedented search for its missing and dead in the middle of Europe’s bloodiest war in generations.

It comes as the world marks one year since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. The 40-minute documentary, from the new TV and documentary team at The Independent,  opens with the discovery of a body of a young man found bound, shot and burned beside an abandoned Russian camp in the woods outside Kyiv.

As Bel attempts to find out who the young man was and what happened to him, she uncovers the nightmare world thousands of Ukrainian families face trying to find their murdered relatives. In the chaos of war, and amid the discovery of mass graves, bodies go missing and are mixed up, adding to the emotional and human tragedy of the conflict.

The premiere of the documentary was held at Kyiv railway station on 25 February and is due to be followed by charity screenings in London and New York.

The Body in the Woods is now available to watch online at the Independent TV hub (, on The Independent’s new smart TV app, and on the Independent mobile app.

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