It’s official: The UK’s largest quality digital news brand, yet again, is The Independent

The May figures for Ipsos iris have been released, showing another incredibly successful month for The Independent.

Highlights for May: 

  • In the UK, The Independent reached 20.8M readers
  • The Independent was the largest quality digital news brand in the UK*
  • Indy100 was the fastest growing of the competitive set of news pureplay titles*, up 49% YoY. It was also up 13% MoM to become the fourth largest of the monitored titles.
  • The Independent remains the largest pureplay news brand.


The Independent has been the UK’s largest news brand* in 7 of the past 12 months, dominating the field.

Source: © Ipsos, Ipsos iris Online Audience Measurement Service, May 2023, Brand Group – Digital Quality News Brands & Pureplays*, all adults age: 15+, UK *Note: Custom defined list by Independent. The Independent Brand Group audience includes Indy 100 data.

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