Read all about it: news comes to WeAre8 thanks to new partnership with The Independent

The Independent has teamed up with WeAre8, the world’s first B-Corp social media app, for news and content distribution. The deal represents the first time WeAre8 has partnered with a news publisher.

The relationship will see The Independent, which is the largest quality digital news brand in the UK and a top 10 news brand in the US, create a WeAre8 public profile page, delivering entertaining, engaging and informative video content. 

It opens up new commercial opportunities for brands, with packages available to amplify and connect advertising campaigns across The Independent’s platforms and the WeAre8 social media app. 

The deal represents WeAre8’s growing push towards values-aligned publishers, reimagining the way social tech works alongside and in partnership with premium content providers. 

Why WeAre8? Two billion of us are living on social technology which WeAre8 believes is making us more isolated, damaging mental health, fuelling the climate crisis, and challenging democracy thanks to a perpetuation of fake news which is dividing us. WeAre8 is the alternative social media which puts people and the planet at the economic centre of the multi-billion dollar digital ad ecosystem. It has a zero tolerance for hate, shares 60% of its revenue back with people, charity and in support of climate change initiatives, and enables brands to carbon offset campaigns through its transformational video advertising function.  

Why The Independent? Back in 1986, The Independent’s purpose – to think for itself, encourage readers to do the same, stay away from pacts with political parties, and spark surprising, intelligent debate – was way ahead of its time. For 37 years, The Independent has continued to campaign for what it believes in, not what it is told to believe, with integrity, inclusion, innovation and independence as its guiding principles. The news brand has grown a huge, global readership of independently minded individuals, who value its trusted voice and commitment to positive change. 

The Independent’s driving force, making change happen, has never been as important as it is today — and WeAre8 shares this mission and values.

Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO of WeAre8 says: “I am very excited to welcome The Independent to WeAre8. With our aligned values, a joint commitment to quality journalism, and a deep respect for people and the planet, our partnership is set to create a new standard for the way publishers and platforms work together. Social media should serve and support people, publishers and the planet, and as we come into an election year in 2024 in the US, the UK and India, balanced news and healthy publishing models have never been more critical. When we combine ‘real news’ from the world’s best publishers, with zero tolerance of hate, ‘no anonymity’ and shared economic models, we finally have healthy conversation and hope for a better world”.

Danny Mansfield, Head of Content Partnerships at The Independent adds: “We are delighted to be partnering with WeAre8 and are excited to see what our shared focus on high quality content, creativity and changemaking can achieve.”


How WeAre8 works:


  • WeAre8 Users (known as ‘citizens’ on WeAre8) are presented with two content feeds on the app.  One feed is called the 8Stage and spotlights the content of verified creators. The other feed is a friends feed where you only see content from approved contacts. Both feeds are free from ads and algorithms. 
  • 8Citizens can share content, see their friends and follow creators from around the world. 
  • 8Citizens can become a verified creator by applying for a golden 8Halo (WeAre8’s version of the blue tick).
  • When you watch brand videos, a share of the advertising money is given to you in appreciation for your time. These micropayments are distributed in your 8Wallet on the app, where you can choose to keep the money and cash it out via PayPal or pay it forward to charity.
  • WeAre8 is an algorithm free social experience that actively encourages people to go and enjoy the rest of their day off their screens.

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