Samsung Tablet and Laptop

Samsung came to us wanting to celebrate and showcase how it is leading the way for future computing innovation, and how Samsung has a device for all audiences.


Our idea

The World Made Possible with Samsung, celebrating how Samsung products are helping pioneers power real change, and show our readers how they can reach their own potential.

We offered a truly cross-platform partnership including, digital, print, social, audio and experiential.

Content included two videos and a digital content series featuring young trailblazers (a novelist, fashion designer and illustrator) and established professionals (an astrophysicist from Imperial College, a stand-up comic and a textile designer) seamlessly integrating the features and benefits of the relevant Samsung products.



We smashed both page view and video view guarantees

We saw a 20% uplift in consideration for both Samsung tablets and laptops

95% have already taken some form of action after seeing our campaign


Key take-outs

The Independent can source compelling talent – and bring your brand story to life.

We can deliver above and beyond your standard video views – for this campaign we delivered a completion rate of 28% on a video of almost three minutes.

We can produce some outstanding videos with completion rates way above industry standard.

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