Smart Meters


Awareness of smart meters is high, but younger, environmentally conscious audiences are notoriously difficult to convert. Independent Advertising aimed to engage them in a campaign that satisfied their needs and demands in a post-pandemic world.


A ‘tomorrow’s world’-style in-depth, practical yet inspiring branded content series, looking at the innovation driving smarter living in our homes and beyond in 2021.

Making it happen

All the content was housed in an interactive parallax scroller which was custom built and directed  Independent readers through our three long reads on smarter homes, journeys and working. These long reads were dynamic, responsive and visually arresting to maintain readers’ interest through the content.


  • Page views: 130,566
  • Unique page views: 106,397
  • Clicks: 1,369
  • Dwell time: 58 seconds
  • Social reach: 1.6M

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