We were tasked by Noom to use editorial content to educate readers about their wellness programme and drive online subscriptions to the two-week programme trial.


Understanding buyer’s needs and motivations is crucial for delivering an engaging piece that captures and holds reader attention. The branded article adopted a refreshing tone when introducing the long-lasting and behavioural-focused programme to readers.

Making it happen

The campaign launched in the run-up the new year, at a time when the market can be saturated with health and wellness-driven content. This made it essential to create a piece of content that cut through the noise and helped making Noom’s psychology-based programme stand out from other diet or weight-loss initiatives.


  • Total Page Views: 45k+ delivered within the first 2 weeks
  • Total interactions (Likes, Saves & shares): 1.6k+
  • Conversion Rate: 14%
  • Total subscriptions driven: 2.8k+

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