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We’re rounding off the week by recapping some of our recent partnerships, initiatives and achievements. Black History Month is well underway and you can read all about our commitments below. Meanwhile, The Independent continues to lead the way in both the UK and the US, and we announce our partnerships with WeAre8 and Blue Earth Summit.

The Independent x Black History Month 2023

The Independent is marking Black History Month by launching a major initiative to support and champion Black organisations and causes, with significant financial and editorial backing. In a wide-ranging campaign, The Independent will be partnering with eight Black-led organisations in 2024, donating £120,000 of advertising space within The Independent to aid their efforts in enacting change. The organisations are as follows:



Read about each organisation and The Independent’s editorial for Black History Month and beyond in our press release, here.

A transatlantic success story

The latest audience figures are in and it’s good news all round for The Independent. 

In the UK, The Independent topped the leaderboard for the fourth consecutive month as the largest quality digital news brand, with 21.64m readers. Whilst in the US, The Independent is continuing its remarkable trajectory of expansion, retaining its position as the fastest growing of all top 10 news brands in the US year-on-year (YoY).

View the full reports on the figures for the UK and the US.


The Independent has teamed up with WeAre8, the world’s first B-Corp social media app, for news and content distribution. The deal represents the first time WeAre8 has partnered with a news publisher.

To read the full release, see here on the Independent Advertising site.

Blue Earth Summit

The Independent is pleased to be partnering with Blue Earth Summit 2023. Over three days (11-13 October), Blue Earth Summit plays host to 5,000+ decision makers, industry pioneers, provocative thought-leaders, sustainability trailblazers, insightful solutionists and boundary-pushing start ups. It’s a place to explore, meet, learn, collaborate and take action  — and is seen as a must-attend event for purpose-driven brands.

To find out more about our partnership, see the announcement on our website.

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